History and Purpose of Spiked Collars for Dogs


Most dog owners have several different collars for various occasions: a classic leather or fabric everyday collar, decorative collar for exhibitions and a durable spiked or studded collar for training. Ancient History of Spiked Collars Decorated dog collars first appeared in Ancient Egypt, because rich nobleman wanted to accessorize their …

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Beautiful Versatile Choke Collar for Dogs


Dog choke collar is one of the most widely used collar types among dog owners. These collars can help in dog training and behavior correction. However, you should use this collar carefully, because, if used incorrectly, it can be harmful for your pet. How do I use a choke collar? …

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Nylon Collar: Style, Comfort and Lasting Quality


Today on the market of pet goods there is a huge selection of beautiful collars made out of different materials, designed for dogs of different breeds, sizes and characters. Therefore, it is not surprising that a beginner dog owner can be astonished with variety. Every dog needs a collar, but …

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Can dogs find their way home?

dog sun

Most people believe that dogs have a unique ability to find a way home even if they are far from it and in an area that they never previously explored. Let us try to find out how much of the stories about the dogs’ ability to navigate at long distances …

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