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Dog breeds best suitable for kids

There is no doubt that dogs are worlds most devoted pets. They learn fast and that makes training productive and not time-consuming. But, if you’re looking into adopting a dog and you have children you should choose a breed carefully.

Dogs that are untamed and aggressive are not an option for a family with a small child, for kids are not always delicate and couscous around a pet. They can irritate the dog unwillingly by pulling on its hair or otherwise. When adopting a dog parents are advised to inquire if it ever tasted blood of any kind, to take every precaution to ensure their kids safety.

Dog breeds that are safe for children

These dog breeds are suitable for kids:

  • Bulldogs: well-tempered, loving and gentle, they are amicable in their behavior. Being foreseeable in the way they act, they are very affectionate towards family, especially the younger kids, giving and receiving much needed attention.

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  • Boxers: we know them to be kind  and caring towards people and kids in particular. Just like bulldogs, they enjoy interacting with humans, even more so playing with toddlers.
  • Labrador Retriever: has both an adorable appearance and a loving  heart. Understanding of children’s mood swings and occasional mischief, it tolerates such behavior calmly and remains undisturbed by it, sometimes more so then the parents.

labrador retriver dog breeds

  • Golden Retriever: if what you search for is a kind, yet dynamic and loyal dog, one that everyone will fill safe around, you should seriously consider golden retriever.
  • American Staffordshire terrier: they get accustomed to the family quickly, behave well and are very loyal.

staff dog breeds

  • Mastiff: has a nice and harmless look to it, has a calm and tranquil character. Caring and defensive of the children, has an instinct to protect its owners.
  • Mutts: a lot of mixed breeds are perfectly safe to have in a family with kids, but if , as a parent, you make up our mind about getting a dog of mixed breed you better spend time with it to study its character and habits before you take it home. You can stop buy a shelter and look for a perfect mutt there.
  • Newfoundlands: show kindness and love for children, it’s owner as well as the outsiders. They behave and treat others well.

black dog breeds

Everyone, especially parents, when looking for a dog must choose the breed carefully to ensure safe conditions for themselves and their children. To do that one must conduct proper research.

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