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Dog training 101. Simple commands your dog should learn

Having a dog, walking it, playing with it is fun, but if you want to be a responsible pet owner you should really look into dog training. Teaching your dog few simple commands will really benefit both you and your dog in a long run. Just like us, each dog is different, with its own traits, character and in a way they act. Training your pet, teaching it how to sit, come, fetch etc. will help to ensure your dog’s obedience and is ability to follow its owner’s commands.

How does one train a dog, you ask me?

Of course you can hire a professional or find a dog training class, but I’m here to ensure you that, with some guidelines, you can embark upon it yourself and succeed!

I present to you 3 commands each dog should know



sit command
This is a god starting point, as it is fairly simple to teach.

To begin with, stand in front of your dog, hold a treat in your hand, move it up, if necessary, take a step forward, than tell a dog to “sit”. Keep doing so until the pet sits, than feed it the treat and show it how proud you are of it. Main steps in this technique are: receiving a command – fulfilling the command – getting a treat.

Repeat this process multiple times daily.

Helpful tips:

  • Treat your dog only when the command is fulfilled, this way your pet will stay motivated to learn.
  • Chose the word and stick with it. If you chose to use the word “sit” you must not change it while training, also instruct your family to do the same. Changing the way command sounds, like using “sit town”, can be confusing to the dog.


dog come
This command can’t be underrated, it’s can be useful in many scenarios. When walking your dog, call it by name and right after say “come”. You can also tap your knees, show the dog its beloved toy or something delicious. When it comes, congratulate with a treat.

If this doesn’t work try using a long lead. Say “come”, then pull the lead gently towards you to show what you mean for dog to do, a god idea is also to show a treat. When dog comes, treat it. Practice with a lead until your dog gets a hang of it.

If dog comes to you even if you didn’t command it to do so, never punish it. Punishing it once for coming to you can discourage it and ruing the training. Dog need to feel safe next to its owner.

Leave it

leave it

This skill will ensure your dog’s safety on many occasions. To begin teaching your dog this command you will require a handful of treats. Hold a treat in your hand, let a dog see or even sniff it, but when it tries to get it – close the fist and say “leave it”. When dog tries to sniff and scratch your fist say the command again. After it learns that it can’t have that treat and stops trying to get it – give it a treat in you other hand. Then try placing as treat on the floor and go on with the technique. This way a dog learns not to take food without your permission and you can be able to stop it from eating questionable things on the street or chewing on your favorite shoes.

Introducing your dog to rules and boundaries is important in the long run. This simple skillset will help your dog to be able to learn more challenging commands in the future.

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