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Misconceptions about healthy dog food

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It has always been difficult to pick healthy food for your dog. When you choose food for your pet you mainly want it to have good high quality ingredients. After you learn how healthy raw diet is for pets you can’t help but to match it to dry food.

Nowadays plenty of companies produce are available, but not a lot of advice about healthy food options. Misconceptions about healthy dog food are plentiful.

For that reason we present to you 5 main misconceptions about dog food out there and discuss if they are true.

  • You can only purchase top quality dog food from the vet.

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Although a lot of foods you find at the vet’s are supposed to be top quality it only takes a quick look at the ingredient list to raise your suspicion. A lot of time the dietary value of these foods is far from premium, they lack in key minerals and supplements. Corn gluten if often used in such foods as a source of protein, which is not good for your pet.

Dog food found in regular shops is often harmful for your pet’s health. Most of them consist of remains of human food, unfit for further production.

  • Dry food has a cleansing effect on dog’s teeth.

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Dog’s teeth by design are sharp and pointed so they were able to deal with various types of food.  Uncooked meat and bones are common food options for dogs and their teeth go through them without trouble or damage. Granules that dry food consists of are ingested or crumbled by dogs’ teeth, but parts of them often stick to them and cause teeth disruption.

  • Different diets for different age groups.

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Different food for different age groups are not required. This concept is designed by marketing teams to increase sales. The idea that puppies require more food that adult dogs is valid, but the food they need is not different. A good idea it to include both dry and raw food to your dog’s diet.

  • Human food is unhealthy for a pet.

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This point is true only if by human food we mean junk food, but feeding your dog leftover fruits, veggies and unprocessed meat is a great addition to their diet.

  • Dog food must be balanced.

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This is also a creation of large companies to make you think that you don’t need to plan your dog’s diet as long as you feed them “balanced” manufactured meals.

ation of large companies to make you think that you don’t need to plan your dog’s diet as long as you feed them “balanced” manufactured meals.

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