Most playful dog breeds

There are plenty playful dog breeds out there but only the following 3 breeds will make it to our list!

English Springer Spaniel

english springer spaniel

This breed if outgoing and cheerful. Spaniels are friendly active dogs that require a lot of human interaction. Spending time with younger generation is what they love the most. This smart dogs will challenge you to be more mobile in your day to day life, will be good friends to those who love outdoor activities.  Being as energetic as they are, they will easily help you carry your items if you need them to. This breed finds swimming and playing in the water weary pleasing, take your English to the beach and it’ll surprise you just how much happiness it will bring to both of you. This pups also love games so keep that in mind if you plan on getting one!

Golden Retriever

golden retriever

This kind dog is well known for being a family-oriented pet. Its loving nature will charm you every day you spend with this dog. This particular breed is known to be playful and active even after their puppy years, so they are a great addition to a family with kids. Training this dogs is also so much fun! They are highly intelligent and learn tricks in no time.

Jack Russell Terrier (JRT)

jack russell terrier

This ones are the definition of playfulness! This dog’s energy level is through the roof, so if you’re the sitting down type you should not consider getting one. Being highly active and smart, these dogs need to stay busy. If you own a farm it would be a perfect playground for them, JRT’s enthusiasm can also be channeled towards hunting or races.

Having such a playful dog is challenging, but it’s a challenge worth taking up!


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