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Bring your puppy home!

An exciting day is finally upon you – you’re bringing your puppy home! A huge shopping trip was already made, healthy food is bought, toys, cozy bed and snacks are waiting. You think you thought of everything, and it might be true, but we made a list of things you need to double check before your puppy is home.

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Research good vets in your area

Go online or consult your pet owning friends about the best veterinarians in the neighborhood. Your puppy will need to be vaccinated and checked regularly in its early years. Also it’s never a good idea to wait until the need for a vet is urgent, you better have a qualified specialists’ number on you at all times.

Make sure your home is ready to accommodate a puppy

Check for things that can be potentially harmful, like small decorations or stationary items and remove them. You should also gather valuable things and tuck them away, because small puppies are very playful and anything can be a toy to them – even your new shoes.

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Don’t matter how much you prepare things like this can still surprise you:

  • Your puppy will be very sad sometimes

When you leave for work or elsewhere, it might even cry. Although you will probably want to stay near all the time and cater to its needs, it will have to learn at some point that you will not constantly be home. It needs to get accustomed to the fact that you can leave, and it’s okay, because you will always return.

  • Teething time!

Why your puppy suddenly wants to chew up everything within reach? A teething period probably started. Be sure to stock up on chewing toys or your possessions will become them.

  • What did I do?

Probably nothing, but you will get bitten newer the less. Your puppies’ instincts command them to try their newly developed teeth on everything and everyone. God forbid that your led is sticking out from under your blanket when you sleep! If monster under your bed won’t grab in your puppy most certainly will!

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