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Caution! Life threatening dog toys

Even most basic largely produced dog toys can be harmful to your pet if dog is left unattended with it. This covers all types of toys, the ones you can find in the store and those your pet can “find” on the street. When you look to purchase a dog’s toy you should check if parts of it are removable, because buying such a toy can be potentially dangerous – small parts can break off when your dog is playing or chewing on it. These fragments can block dogs’ throat, so when you are in the pet store – choose carefully. If after the purchase you discover that a toy is dismountable be sure to dispose of it, especially if certain parts look loose.

Ball Toys

ball dog toy

When choosing a dog ball toy keep the size of your dog in mind. A small ball is unfitting for a big dog, it can choke on it when playing. A little dog, on the other hand, will not be able to carry a big ball in its mouth. You don’t have to go out of your way to find a perfect ball – regular tennis balls are a perfect size and texture for your dog’s entertainment.

Dog Bones

If you chose to give your dog a bone it is better to choose bigger bones that your dog won’t be able to swallow. Poultry bones are the most dangerous ones because they are hollow inside, are very sharp and can easily get stuck in dogs’ gullet, cause stomach pain and even infection. Other natural bones are safer for dogs, just make sure you observe your pet when they are chewing on them. If you suspect that a bone fragment is hurting our dog – seek veterinary attention immediately.

Stuffed Toys

stuffed toy

These toys are perfect for dogs that are not aggressive with their toys, but if your dog likes tearing things apart they may not be the safest choice. When buying a stuffed toy check for potentially detachable details like eyes, decorations, clothing items – it’s better to choose one without them.

When choosing a dog toy consider the following:

  • Buy only safe toys and chews.
  • Look for removable or loose parts. Avoid buying toys that have them.
  • Check on your dog from time to time when they’re playing with toys.
  • If you decide to get a ball for your pet don’t get a Ping-Pong ball or other small ball – better get a tennis ball.
  • A good idea is to check if toy is safe for children before you purchase it – if it is, it’s safe for pets as well.

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