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Deciding on the proper dog house

Does your dog spend a lot of time outside? If so, you should think about getting it a dog house, it would not only make your pet very happy, but also ensure that during its time outdoors it wouldn’t suffer the risk of overheating or getting cold.

When choosing a perfect dog house you should consider the climate you’re in and decide if you need a basic one or a cushioned enclosed one to withstand cooler weather.


To begin with, you should decide on a size, because larger pets require larger houses. Dog house should be big enough for the dog to be able to move freely in it. You pet should not only be able to lie comfortably, but any movement within the house must not be obstructed.

Making the dog house

Lumber is a popular choice when it comes to putting together a dog house. Less used materials are plastic and metal, because they tend to heat up or cool down as the temperature changes. Wood withstands weather changes much better. It’s also important to choose a safe wood to use, for it can contain harmful ingredients in its coating. When your shop for wood ask for the one that is safe for kids, it would be perfect for pets as well. When you construct a dog house make sure to cover any nails and avoid pointed corners so it would be safe for your pet to move around without injuring itself.


Decorating your dog house

The most useful decoration would be a raised cushioned floor. This will decrease the possibility of water getting inside and causing bacteria and moisture.  A good choice would be a water-proof and durable material such as canvas with additional padding to ensure warmth and protection.

You should also consider covering a doorway with flexible lightweight material such as vinyl to keep out rain and wind. Adding windows might not seem practical, but they can provide additional air circulation during the warmer weather.


We hope that in this article we answered some questions you might have had about a proper dog house!

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