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Dog clothes: necessary or excessive?

Most people probably think that dogs have their natural coats and those provide enough protection from the elements, but that principle does not always apply. Dogs of some breeds can get very cold or wet and get sick easily. For those dogs clothes are a must!

Luckily, pet stores offer a good variety of outfits for any occasion, so you better go ahead and get a few new wardrobe pieces for your pet.

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Find some ideas for your shopping list here:

Super comfort

When we go outside on a rainy day we dress up accordingly to feel more comfortable and our pets deserve some extra protection as well. A simple waterproof cape will add to their comfort level significantly! With this additional layer your pet will be able to spend more time outside comfortably then it would otherwise.

dog cape

Sweater Weather

We do love our seasonal clothing: scarves, hoodies and most of all – sweaters! But our dogs need sweaters to. Snuggly soft fabric will protect your pet from the rough outdoors in the colder month. Elderly pets and puppies need that extra care the most, their health is fragile and needs to be protected.

dog sweater

Stomp around

Yes, dog boots are a thing. Humans use footwear to protect the soles of their feet from rough asphalt. Dogs’ paws are just as sensitive! Cold or wet environment can harm your dogs’ feet. During summertime ground heats through and can be hard to walk and run on, in this case lightweight boots will be very useful.

dog boots

Roll up the sleeves

If it’s slightly chilly outside your dog could use a shirt or a t-shirt. This thin extra layer will protect both you and your pat in case any one of you is allergenic. As it makes the skin less exposed, it provides an obstacle for the allergens.

dog tshirt

There are even more exiting dog clothing options out there:

  • Bandanas.
  • Backpacks.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Hoodies.
  • Hats.

Options are limitless! You can purchase dog clothing online or get creative and make your dogs’ outfit yourself!

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