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Playtime and dental care

Nowadays pet toys provide not only entertainment but also promote well-being – they come in all different shapes and sizes and have various health benefits. Dogs usually have a lot of fun chewing on their toys, and while they’re doing that a toy can do a lot for their dental health – massage gums, remove debris from their teeth, polish and strengthen them. Modern companies have a wide range if such toys in a selection of materials, forms and sizes so you can pick and choose with your dogs’ preferences in mind.

Edible Bones

edible bone dog

Often made of nylon with the help of molds, these toys are perfect for most dog breeds. They are a popular alternative to raw bones because they don’t fracture into sharp pieces like natural bones do. They are much softer yet durable, pleasant to the taste and usually come in different flavors.

Durable Soft Toys

dog with plush toy

Made of vinyl, rubber or latex, these toys are sturdier then edible toys but also promote dental care. They have a similar dental effect as nylon toys, but last significantly longer. These durable toys are designed to not be ripped apart easily and can resist dogs’ sharp teeth.

Rope Toys

rope toy

Usually made out of twisted braided fiber, they are durable and safe. This toys clean teeth and massages gums as dogs chew on them. Strong natural fibers are used for extra sturdiness. You can utilize this toy to play fetch and pull on it while your dog holds it in its teeth – this is a fun and healthy way to strengthen dogs jaw.

Fabric Toys

fabric dog toy

Good for dogs that don’t destroy their toys easily, but if your dog does – denim toys are a great option.

One of a Kind Toy

custom dog toy

Modern technology allows dog owners to design personalized toys. They are created using molds and can be hollowed out for you to place treats in them or made with raised design, bumps or soft spikes to help with oral hygiene.

Things you can customize when making your own toy:

  • Shape and size.
  • Material and texture.
  • Color and pattern.
  • Add text of your choice!

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