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Taking your dog on a family trip

All dog owners know how hard it is to plan a family vacation when you have a pet. Most resorts, vacation spots, campsites and hotels provide facilities for dog owners that allow comfortable family getaway. If you have children, bringing your pet along on a trip will be a great idea, because they won’t be separated with their friend and get to experience fun activities together.

When bringing your dog on a family trip you should take into account its traits, age, habits and character. A senior dog will not appreciate extensive camping and hiking, it would be difficult for it to keep up with you and it will most likely end up getting very tired or even sick. Younger dogs and puppies are very lively and will enjoy such activities a lot!

dog in the car

Here are some tips to take into consideration when you’re traveling with a dog

For you not to experience any difficulties you better take your dog to a vet beforehand. Its health must be checked and all necessary vaccination must be done, and make sure to take respective documents along with you. Keep in mind the location of your trip – dog might require special preventive vaccination.

It’s common knowledge that dogs like car travel, but if your dog is not used to it don’t feed it to mush before you hit the road – a third of its usual portion will be enough. This is important to prevent motion sickness.

These are some additional supplies you should pack:

  1. Pickup bags.
  2. Extra drinking water.
  3. Paper towels.
  4. Feeding bowls.
  5. A few of pets’ favorite toys.

dog suitcase

Other things to remember when taking a trip with your dog are:

  • Making regular stops and keeping your pet hydrated: a stop should be made every 2 to 4 hours.
  • Keep a leash close: losing your dog in a foreign unfamiliar environment is a great ganger.
  • Buy a dog tag: it’s a great thing to have if you don’t already – in case your pet strays away it will ensure that any friendly person it meets will call and let you know where you can pick it up.

We hope that with this tips you will travel with your dog more often!






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