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A walk a day keeps the vet away

Every dog owner knows how happy dogs get when they realize it’s time to go for a walk! Pups with their tail waving and shivering in excitement run up to the front door as soon as you rich for a lead. This guys realize how good walking is for them without ever being told! We should take their opinion into consideration more often when it comes to the great outdoors. Daily walks are beneficial for both an owner and a pup.

dog with owner

Staying active

Every dog requires exercise to maintain their muscle tonus and burn extra calories. If your house has a backyard you needn’t worry about walking your dog as much, because it can stay active in its own pace. But if not, it’s a great opportunity to add some cardio to your morning and evening routine.

dogs play

Psychic benefits

Pups rely on their sense of smell a lot – that’s how they learn about the world around them. Learning new smells stimulates dogs’ brain. The odors in your’ house are very familiar to your pet, so it needs to explore different places to find new exiting objects and tracks to sniff on. Plus, it’s no need to tell you how good it feels to get a change of scenery every once in a while.


Most pups enjoy spending time with other dogs. New playing partners help to keep things fresh and interesting. It’s also a great way for you to meet some people – a new friend never hurt anybody!

happy dog run

Learn on the go

A walk presents a great chance to practice commands that you may have taught your pup before, or start the learning process if you never trained your dog. Help your dog master a few simple commands like “stay”, “leave it”, “sit”, then challenge it with more complicated ones like “stand”, “place” and “touch”.

dog fetch

Helping the planet

You can benefit the environment as you walk your pet. You probably already have a bag for waste on you, but you never thought that you can use it to help maintain your neighborhood clean – just add other trash you find to the list of things you pick up.

If you skipped a walk or two before it’s fine, but we hope that this provides enough motivation for you to get your pup out of the house and hit the streets!

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