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Dog adoption

If you decide on getting a dog you should look into adopting a shelter dog –you will be overwhelmed by the amount of beautiful and loving pups that need a home. Irresponsible people often buy dogs but can’t manage to look after them properly so they let them loose. This way the number of stray dogs increases.

Before getting a dog you should fully understand that pet ownership is a huge responsibility. It’s a life-long commitment that will take up a great deal of your free time and money. But don’t get discouraged from adopting a dog, as it is a great life changing experience. The amount of unconditional love, loyalty and trust you’ll be receiving will turn your world upside down!

When looking to adopt a dog you must choose if you want a puppy or a full-grown dog.


Puppies are high maintenance, but you will be able to influence its’ character development and habits. Another thing to remember when getting a puppy is that most dogs in shelters are of mixed breeds, so it will be hard to predict how big your dog grows.

shelter puppy

Adult dogs

If you decide to adopt an adult dog you should know that they are usually more calm and grateful for the things you do for them. On the other hand they can have certain habits that will be hard to break.

Senior dogs

They are very rarely adopted because people prefer puppies or adult dogs. They, however, are very calm, loving, grateful companions. Adopting a senior dog is a great thing to do because you give this dog a chance to grow old in the family of their own and it will really appreciate it.

shelter dog

Doesn’t matter what dog you choose to adopt, you will need to complete an application, answer a set of questions like:

  • Your housing situation.
  • Contact information.
  • Lifestyle etc.

It’s a fairly straightforward process.

When you finally take your dog home, as long as you are fully committed, you will be blessed with a friend for life.

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