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Flea and Tick treatment

Since prehistoric times dogs and men suffered from this nasty little guys. They are known for transmitting illnesses, causing allergies and making pet owners’ life way to hard. Ticks present a great threat to your pup, especially in the summer time and they can turn a walk in the park into a trip to the vet in minutes! Flees are harmful all year round, they irritate your dog, make it itchy and distressed.

So, how do we fight this pests? Vets and pet stores propose various solutions and preventive measures to handle the flea and tick situation, like special collars, meds, sprays and shampoos.

dog bites flea

Let’s learn some information about fleas and ticks:

  • Some diseases they carry can effect both humans and pets, a number of them can be fatal.
  • Approximately half of all flea spices live on birds.
  • Fleas are insects, but ticks are arachnids like spiders.
  • If you remove a tick within 24 hours of attachment there is a good chance you or your pet will not get a disease it’s carrying.
  • Fleas move by jumping. They can’t fly.

Flea and tick medication

Spot-on treatments are often applied monthly on your dogs’ lover neck area and they remain affective for the whole month. They work by not allowing pests to attach to the skin and kill the ones that try. Having no side effects also increases their popularity.

Sprays are also an option, they stop ticks and fleas upon contact. Some of them have a prolonged affect and not only kill living pests but also keep new ones from hatching.

How to examine your pet for fleas and ticks

Check your dog every few days, especially in the summertime, by running your hands across its’ entire body surface looking for bumps. Pests generally prefer areas where skin is most sensitive: neck, the inside of paws and belly. If you find a suspicious bump expose it by moving hair away from it and examine it carefully.

dog vetTick removal

It’s best to take your dog to the vet to make sure tick is removed properly. If vet is unavailable, use tweezers to grab the tick closely to skin surface. Beware that ticks sit very firmly on the skin. Pull upward until the tick is removed, then apply rubbing alcohol on the entire area.

tick removal

We hope that this recommendations will prepare you for the upcoming flea and tick season.

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