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New member of the pack

When you own a dog you can’t help but wonder what it does when you’re not around. Sometimes when you are at work you probably fill sorry for your pet, you think that it’s lonely. In these moments you may consider getting another dog to accompany it.

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Is your pup lonely?

It’s possible that you’re correct, your pet can be lacking company because dogs are pack animals. This does not always mean they feel the need to be amongst other dogs, it means that dogs need to be members of the group. If dog lives in the family – humans become its pack. If for some reason a dog is away from its pack it can get anxious, sad and feel out of place. Being alone can also result in aggressive behavior. That’s why a lot of dog owners crate their dogs when they are not around.

If you are busy all the time and live alone you might consider getting another dog. This will ensure that your dog has a pack member with it at all times, which will make it very happy. You may even notice changes in its behavior as dogs figure out which one of them is higher in your family hierarchy.

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You will be surprised how your dogs’ personality will change in time under the influence of another pet. There are examples of older dogs becoming more active and playful when a puppy is introduced into the family, in this scenario it will possibly develop parenting instincts as well.

Getting another dog seems like a good idea now but keep reading to know if you are really ready for it.

Consider yourself ready for a second dog if:

  1. You can handle one dog very well, it’s healthy and happy and all it’s missing is a playmate.
  2. Your family is looking forward to getting another dog as much as you do.
  3. You asked your landlord if he is okay with you having a second dog. This applies only if you rent a place.
  4. Your current pup mastered basic commands – this means you spent your time training it as a responsible dog owner.
  5. Your budget will cover the needs of two dogs.
  6. You’re not planning on getting a baby any time soon – getting a double addition to the family can be overwhelming even for a very capable person.
  7. You truly believe that your current dog wants a new friend – make sure that you’re not being selfish.

If you agree with the things you just read you should hurry up to the shelter!

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