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Tips and tricks on how to clean after your pet

As a pet owner you have to deal with a lot of mess, whether from dog training or other home activities with your pet. We can offer you some advice on how to handle messy situations like a boss!

Lint control:

  • Doing through your dogs’ hair with a brush daily will minimize the hair loss, this is most necessary during shedding season.
  • As some hairs will still slip through, it’s a good idea to cover sofas, beds and other surfaces that get coated in hear easily with coverlets.
  • Daily cleaning of filters in air conditioners and dryers in your home will prevent them from getting clogged.
  • Powerful vacuum cleaner is a must to have in your house.
  • Mop your hardwood floors with a mop sprayed with anti-dust aerosol.
  • Paper towels are a great tool for keeping the mess out, just wet them with a little bit of water and clean the surfaces.
  • A great trick to clean bedding, curtains and cushioned furniture is to run your hand in a moistened rubber glove across them.
  • Tape rollers are irreplaceable tools to keep your clothes lint-free. Have it on you at all times. Velour brushes also work great.
  • Be sure to shake out all items before you wash them, this will decrease the amount of lint leftover after the wash.

vacuum dog

How to handle accidents:

  • Make sure to clean waste as soon as possible, don’t let urine and solids sit unattended for too long, or it will cause the smell to build up and sink into the surface.
  • You don’t need fancy cleaners, just use regular dish soap and wash it off afterwards.
  • Vinegar is a great cheap product to use on any surface, it will help to get rid of the smell.
  • If an accident happened on a carpet use a wet cloth or a few paper towels to soak it in. Press on the spot and wait for the fluids to be absorbed. When the initial mess is removed, get rid of the stain by using a carpet cleaner or some dish soap, then rinse with water.

paper towels clean

As you see, this simple basic supplies are all you need to keep your home lint and mess-free!







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