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Bad breath: what causes it and how to fight it

Dental problems are widely spread among pets, they often come hand in hand with foul breath. Even if you don’t mind the smell, you should still consider taking your dog to the vet because it can be a sign of various health problems.

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What causes bad breath?

Bad breath is often a result of poor dental hygiene. Leftover food gets stuck in dog’s gums and teeth, it develops bacteria and eventually causes calculus. Decomposing food may cause gum infection as well as that distinctive smell.

Most pet owners don’t get concerned when they see their dogs teeth becoming slightly yellow on the outside, but this is how calculus buildup starts. Ignoring your pet’s dental hygiene becomes dangerous when gum recession begins. In this process new areas of teeth that shouldn’t be exposed become visible. This areas closer to the roots are not covered in naturel enamel so their protection from food and bacteria that comes with it is minimal. At this stage, regular dental care is necessary or teeth loss is possible.

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Other causes

Before puppies lose their baby teeth they can develop bad breath, but in this case owners don’t need to worry – it is a temporary problem. If bad breath also comes with fever try massaging your puppies’ gums with baking soda diluted with water – it will ease the discomfort as well as get rid of the smell.

Senior pets often get kidney or liver malfunction which can also result in bad breath. In this case complex treatment is required. Consult your vet if your older pet started developing bad breath because it may be a sign of a bigger problem.

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How to remedy bad breath

Frequent oral exams

The older your pet becomes the more important frequent dental checkups are. Make a vet appointment to check your dogs’ teeth every few month.

Proper diet

Many brands offer special dry dental diets for pets. They are good at massaging gums and dissolving debris. If you feed your dog raw diet – consider feeding it cow tracheas or oxtails every week.

Regular oral hygiene

Brush your dog’s teeth with a kid’s toothbrush and special animal toothpaste. Use circular motions to gently massage teeth and gums. Animal tooth paste often comes in flavors that are appealing for pets. Sprays and mouthwashes are also available.

With this simple methods you can ensure that your dog’s teeth remain healthy for years to come!

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