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How to fight excessive barking?

Dog barking can be very irritating, but before one tries to stop the dog from barking it’s necessary to understand what it’s trying to communicate. So, why do some dogs bark more than others?

Breeds predisposed to barking

Smaller dogs use barking to inform their owners of sounds or motion in surrounding area. This dogs with excellent hearing were bred to notify their owners of any possible threats they were seeing or hearing, that’s why their instinct drives them to bark so often. In this case training can be really helpful. Teach your pup to bark only when the owner commands it to do so – this will help discipline your dog and decrease the noise level in your house significantly!

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Alpha dog

Some dogs take their homes security very seriously – they vigorously bark on anything and anyone who comes near the premises and may present a threat. Training is the best way to teach your pet to recognize dangerous visitors from harmless ones. Also, whenever your pet barks on the unwanted object try showing it that you’re displeased – this way eventually your dog will learn which visitors are safe and allowed on the territory it’s protecting.

dog barkNot enough activity

Certain breeds were designed to be more active than the others – setters, retrievers, collies need a couple hours of exercise a day. If they’re not active enough it may result in excessive barking. Before you go to work every day it’s a good idea to spend an hour or two playing active games with your pup, this way when you leave it will not have much extra energy.

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Anxiety issues

If a dog was often changing shelters, families or the environment that it’s currently in is drastically different from what it was used to it can result in excessive barking. In this case barking is a protective mechanism against new living conditions. Socializing is a good way to help the pups in this situation. Letting them explore their new home completely, not keeping them indoor all the time will help them to feel more comfortable with the surroundings.

We hope that this tips will help you and your dog with excessive barking.




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