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Bathing Your Dog

In this article, we will talk about how to properly bathe dogs. Regular bathing and cleaning helps your pup to live a long, healthy life, but do not forget that excessive bathing washes off the natural oils in dog’s hair and it becomes dry and brittle. It is not recommended to wash your dog more than once every three months.

dog bathing

To bathe your dog properly follow these easy steps

Bathing your dog takes some preparation. Here is some advice on how to make this process safe and simple.

  • Put a rug in the bottom of the bath so that your dog doesn’t accidentally slip.
  • Use only special shampoo or soap for dogs.
  • Make sure that water and shampoo doesn’t get in your pets eyes and ears.
  • Get someone to help you with the process – it’s so much easier if one person is holding the animal while another one washes it.
  • Start washing your dog from the tail to the head. Pour water with your hands rather than a showerhead, this will allow you to monitor the amount of water you are using.
  • Apply shampoo also from the tail to the head, but do not rub the skin too much.

dog towel

  • Wash your pups belly and paws thoroughly, as these usually are the areas that contact with the ground the most.
  • Carefully rinse the shampoo off, otherwise the dried shampoo will irritate the skin. It is better to rinse several times.
  • If your dog’s skin is stained with paint or other chemical substance, don’t use stain removers. Cover the stained area of skin with any vegetable oil and leave it soak overnight. On the next day try to remove the contamination with pet soap or shampoo, rinsing thoroughly afterwards. If it doesn’t work, you can carefully cut off stained spots. Dog hair grows back rather quickly.
  • Make sure you keep the dog warm until it dries completely – it’s very easy to catch a cold straight after bathing.
  • After washing, dog is thoroughly wiped with a soft dry towel and then gently combed with a special brush. A long-haired dog can be dried with a hair dryer if it is not afraid of the noise.

dog drying

If you do everything according to these rules, you will not harm your dog and it will be grateful to you for your care.

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