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5 misconceptions of dog health and care

Many dog owners have these notions of how to care for their pets, which they follow without questioning whether what they do is good or harmful for their pets. There are plenty of articles online about pet care, but in this one, we present to you a list of most common misconceptions of pet care.

If a dog gets a small wound, nothing needs to be done — it will heal on it’s own

It is common knowledge that dog saliva has antibacterial properties, but if you allow your dog to lick the wound and leave it untreated, the risk of infection will increase. Dog may disrupt the edges of the wound. Food particles can get inside and prevent healing. To threat the wound you should first clip the hair around the wound for easy excess. Then you should clean the wound from visible debris and wash it gently with warm salt water.  Then apply antiseptic solution of your choice.

dog wound

It is necessary to bathe the dog as often as possible

Excessive bathing is harmful to the skin. It is recommended to bathe dogs only if necessary (you can wash dog’s paws, stomach more often because they get dirty easily). Keep in mind that you can bathe the dog only in slightly warm but never hot water. You can dry it with a hair dryer but not on the highest temperature.

dog shower

Dog cage is a prison and it is inhuman to keep a dog in it

In fact, if you teach your pup correctly, it will be perceived by it not as a place of deprivation of liberty, but as a «house in the house» — a den, a place for playing and rest, which gives it a feeling of peace and security. Dog cage should be spacious enough for the dog to stand up and turn around in order to get comfortable.

dog cage

Dogs are intelligent animals, they know how much food to eat and will not eat more than they need

This approach can lead to obesity. Calculate the necessary daily ration, based on the size of your pet and its activity, feed in a strictly defined time, monitor its portions and do not overfeed it.

dog bowl

Dogs are omnivorous – they will eat anything with no harm to their health

Many human products can cause serious poisoning (eggs, chocolate or grapes), other can lead to obesity, allergic reactions, give excessive stress to the liver, heart, etc. Your dog’s diet should be balanced and consist of healthy, nutritious products. Fatty, sweet, salty, smoked foods should be avoided.

Did you believe in some of these misconceptions? If so, with this information you can introduce some beneficial changes to your pet care.

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