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How do I keep my dog safe in the forest?

If you decide to take your pup with you on a walk, run or hike in a thick and unfamiliar forest, then you need to keep your eyes peeled. It turns out that walking with a dog in the forest is very dangerous for it. Therefore, if such a walk is to take place, it is necessary to prepare in advance for possible troubles.

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In wormer months, ticks are very active in the forest. Therefore, when taking a dog into the forest one must be sure that the dog is protected from this misfortune well enough. Special collars against such parasites usually protect the dog for 6-7 months. Keep in mind that not all collar models are water resistant. As for drops from fleas and ticks, they remain effective for 3 weeks.

It is necessary to know that collars or drops act only on the third day, so it is recommended to treat the dog in advance. In this regard, the spray is best suited, which is intended for reliable but short-term protection of the dog and is ideal for day trips to the forest.

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Gather information about the forest you plan to explore with your pup — if poisonous snakes are common in the forest, then it is better not to go with a dog there. Although snake rarely attacks first, but dogs can provoke such an attack when trying to play with it. In case of a snake’s bite, take your dog to the vet immediately.

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Getting Lost

If the forest is thick and unfamiliar enough, even a hunting dog can be lost in it. That is why dog’s collar must have a tag with its owners address and phone number. There are even special electronic collars for hunting dogs. Such collars are equipped with sensors by means of which the owner can control the dog from a distance and follow its movements through GPS.

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But what do you do if your dog is lost in the forest?

  • Do not run through the forest in its search. Such actions can only confuse the dog.
  • Stay in one place and loudly call the dog.
  • If after a while the dog does not come, then calmly follow our trail back and call for a dog.

Think through all the risks that can await your dog in the forest so you can enjoy your time in the wilderness with your pup!



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