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Cat breeds that are ideal neighbors for dogs

Nobody can guarantee that getting a cat will bring no problems to a family that already owns a dog, because the characters and temperaments of all animals are different. It is important to show your love and care for each pet so that there is no jealousy and conflicts between them. How to be if circumstances develop in such a way that both a dog and a cat live in the family together?

Make sure that your pets get to know each other gradually and preferably be present while they do. It is possible to leave the animals together only after you are fully confident that they will not fight and harm one another.

If you own a dog but want to have a cat as well, have no fear, because we are here to tell you about friendly cat breeds that get along well with dogs.

cat dog friends

Scottish Fold

These cats are very adaptable to new circumstances and people. This breed has a strong attachment to the owner and shows loyalty to him. These cats love to be with their owner, but do not require constant attention.

If you are not around your pup for a long time, the animal can be very sad. In this case, the presence of a cat will be a huge benefit and will help keep both your animals active and happy.

Pros of Scottish Fold:

  • A noisy company does not disturb them.
  • They do not experience panic in an unfamiliar environment.
  • These cats instantly get used to new animals.
  • They are not aggressive.

scottish fold

Persian Cats

Another candidate for living with a dog is a Persian cat. The most suitable cat for living in an apartment – the life outdoors is simply alien to him, they may even not survive there.
Cats of this breed have a mild and friendly attitude and are very loving. They are ideal for families with children and enjoy playing with all family members. They are very smart and can even learn a few tricks.

Pros of Persian cats:

  • The calmness of this breed is amazing – it endures even most playful children patiently.
  • These cats care and worry about their owners.
  • Persian cats are very affectionate.
  • Do not feel lonely when the owner is not at home – they can entertain themselves well.
  • A wonderful companion for children, dogs and other animals in the house.

persian cat

If you want to have a caring, friendly, playful and affectionate playmate for your pup you should really consider a cat. Despite the saying that cats and dogs do not get along – a cat, especially one of the aforementioned breeds, will be a kind and loving friend to your pup!

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