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Taking good care of your dog — tips for beginners!

A dog is a man’s friend. If you have a dog and do not know how to care for it, you should read the tips below.

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Pet Care 101

If you decided to get a dog, you should love it. If your pup does not get enough attention it will feel abandoned and betrayed.

Keep in mind that adult pets need to be fed three times a day. Puppies, however, need to be fed four or five times a day for them to get all necessary nutrients. You will require two bowls, one for food, another one for water.

Walking your pet is necessary. It is best to do it three times a day. If you don’t have a lot of time, you should still make an effort to walk your pet at least twice a day.

Do not forget to wash the dog with special shampoo or soap. After bathing, you need to comb your pet’s hair, otherwise it will probably get tangled. In addition, your pets hair needs to be cut occasionally. If you do not know how to do it on your own, bring your dog to the hairdresser for pets.

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Your pet will need somewhere to sleep. Buy him a soft pet bed or a soft pet house. Sometimes the dog likes to lie on the couch next to the owner. Do not deprive them of such pleasure. Dogs express this loyalty and protect you. The more attention you pay to the pet, the more it will obey you.

Every two months you need to drive a dog to a veterinarian, this is very important. Buy a dog a pet collar with a nametag. Collars that protect from fleas and ticks are also available in pet stores.

You can teach your pet different tricks. This is a great fun activity for both you and your pet.

And most importantly, come up with a nickname for the pet! It usually corresponds to something. Choose a name by appearance or character.

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Here are some basic tips on how to care for your dog:

  • Brushing and combing are carried out daily.
  • For dogs with thick hair (like poodles), a rare tooth comb is used.
  • You need to bathe a dog only twice a year.
  • The water temperature during bathing should be approximately 35 degrees Celsius. The water level should not exceed the level of the stomach.
  • After bathing, dog’s hair should be dried with a towel.
  • After bathing and drying, the dog should be in a room with a constant temperature for at least two hours.
  • A young dog can not be bathed until it is a year old.
  • Discharge, often appearing in the corners of the eyes, is removed with a cloth and warm water.
  • If a fragment of bone is caught between dog’s teeth, remove it immediately.
  • Clumps of earth, pebbles and ice pieces, trapped in dog’s paws, must be removed immediately.
  • If the dog is wet from rain or snow, it should be wiped dry with a towel..
  • It’s a good idea to get a dog for middle-aged spouses whose children are grown up. I assure you, dog will be the most loved member of their family.
  • You need to think of purpose and consequences of getting a dog beforehand.
  • In order to keep the dog in the apartment that you rent, you need to get permission from the owner of the apartment before getting a dog.
  • Remember that neighbors often perceive dog barking with displeasure and irritation.

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Overall, getting a dog is a great decision. The love you will receive from it will be pure and unconditional.

Good luck to you!

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