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Most expensive dogs: beautiful and fragile

Some of the world’s most expensive and beautiful dogs are also the weakest ones. Beauty always comes with a price, and this might be the case. If you want a pet that is low maintenance, you might want to stay away from these dog breeds.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
This dog is beautiful and it will make a great friend to a child due to its cheerfulness. This breed was popular among royalty of England for hundreds of years, and it remains popular. These dogs are still a rarity and are quite expensive. In addition to this, dogs of this breed tend to have health problems. Often these dogs suffer from heart and spine diseases, congenital anomalies in the development of hip joints are possible. In addition, this breed belongs to the brachiocephalic type, which is associated with breathing problems.


English Bulldog

These dogs are also brachiocephalic, so they have a number of problems associated with breathing, and they are prone to obesity. In addition, due to anomalies in the structure of the pelvis and their large heads, more than 80% of all English Bulldogs are born with the help of caesarean section. According to official data, Bulldogs live for 9 years on average, but an informal survey of owners reduced the data to 6.5 years. Bulldogs also often suffer from heart disease and eye problems. They often have allergies, skin infections, as well as a patellar dislocation, hip dysplasia and cancer. Dogs of this breed are high maintenance, just like most expensive dogs.

eng bulldog2


This is one of the most expensive dog breeds, as well as one of the oldest ones. It is the ancestor of many modern dogs. Unfortunately, Chow-Chows are susceptible to eye diseases, diabetes, congenital anomalies of hip joint development, as well as stomach, skin and lymphatic cancers. They are wonderful pets, who are very responsible guards to their family.

chow chow


This dog breed is known as one of the oldest ones. It was the court favorite of Egypt and Arabia until the time of the Crusades. Subsequently, these dogs appeared in Europe.These tall, lean and graceful dogs with fluffy legs and tail are known for their noble habits. The high price in Europe for these dogs is due to their almost complete disappearance after the Second World War. These are healthy dogs with low rates of congenital anomalies in the development of hip joints, but may suffer from heart and skin diseases.


Tibetan Mastiff

This breed is the most expensive, especially in China. It is a beautiful looking dog with excellent instincts. Tibetan Mastiffs, as a rule, are healthy and long living. Sometimes they may suffer from hypothyroidism, epilepsy, skin and eye diseases.


All these dogs have a unique look, but they all have breed specific health problems that make them very hard to take care of. Decide for yourself if you are ready and willing to have one of them as a pet.

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