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Chihuahua puppy – small and affectionate friend

When you bring your Chihuahua puppy home for the first time, try to think about what it is like for it to find itself in your house. Imagine that wherever you brought it from it could have friends, or maybe it loved other people and already became attached to them. Try to create such comfortable conditions for Chihuahua that it wouldn’t want to leave you anywhere, and would always consider a new place his home.

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Chihuahua Puppy Dos and Don’ts

Never put it’s bed in the draft. When you think about how to make the life of a Chihuahua puppy comfortable, think about what is comfortable and suitable for a child. Chihuahua puppies are just as sensitive and demanding as babies.


Do not be discouraged if you get a messy puppy – gradually you can teach your Chihuahua to behave at home well. To keep the area it’s mainly staying in clean you should cover it with an absorbing napkin. In time, you will be able to teach it to use it’s toilet properly.


As for toys, try to find special toys for puppies. The fact is that Chihuahua puppies have very sensitive teeth. Don’t pull toys forcefully from it’s mouth – if you do so you can damage dog’s jaw.

At first, a good idea is to treat your Chihuahua puppy as if it is a small child. You can’t leave it on a chair or a sofa, for it is too high for it jump down – if it tries to get to the ground on it’s own it may hurt it’s legs.

Feed your Chihuahua puppy carefully — high quality dry food for dogs of small breeds often is a good choice. You can treat it with meat, fruits and vegetables as well.

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Also, you can’t sleep with a Chihuahua puppy – the bones of the small Chihuahua are still very fragile – you can damage it’s spine with any unfortunate movement.

These dogs get along well with other animals, but note that mutual introduction should be done gradually.

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Take good care of the Chihuahua puppy, because it is your smallest, but most devoted family member.

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