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Our favorite dog breeds: Dachshund

If you are going to get a dog and do not know which breed to choose, the first thing to do is to study the breed, its character, pros and cons, and only then decide on the perfect pet for you. In this article, we will talk about the breed of dachshund.

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Natural Born Hunters

Dachshunds were originally bred for hunting rabbits, foxes and badgers. Germans were the first to breed these dogs. There are miniature and standard Dachshunds. Miniature ones weight not more than five kilograms, while the standard breed weighs six to fifteen kilograms. Life expectancy of this breed is 15 — 16 years. Nowadays people get these dogs as pets. They are very friendly, sociable and like active walks. However, they remain hunters – even an ordinary walk in the forest can spark their hunting habits.

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Things You Miht Not Know About Dachshund

  • Dachshunds are very smart dogs – they can understand their owners at a glance.
  • They are amazingly active animals, so if you have children they will definitely become friends and play together.
  • You can easily get a Dachshund if you live in an apartment, especially if it is a miniature one.
  • For this breed, walks are very important. As they like to run, you will need to walk them at least for an hour.
  • Dachshunds require physical exertion, whether it’s walking or swimming, as they are very fond of it.
  • Training is obligatory, because if you do not discipline this dog aggression may appear in cases when something is not the way your dog wants. Training should be regular and accompanied by encouragement.

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A Pet with Character

If you want to get a quiet dog, then Dachshunds are not the best choice for you. They need an owner with strong willpower and character that would not let the dog be the “leader of the pack”. In addition, a person should be active. As for shearing the space with other animals, it is possible, but Dachshund should be introduced to another pet from childhood, then the dog will know for sure that he is not a single pet in the family.

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Taking Care of Your Dachshund

Dogs of this breed can be long-haired, short-haired as well as coarse-haired. Long-haired ones usually have friendly and kind character, but short-haired are more reserved in emotions. Special care for short-haired Dachshunds is not required, it is enough to comb through it every two weeks to remove fallen out hairs. As for the long-haired, you need to comb it with a brush three times a week. Dachshunds can auburn red, tan, brown colored.

They are prone to spinal diseases, there may also be problems with eyesight. Like with all animas, it is necessary to have them vaccinated and monitor their health.

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