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Martingale Collar — a Great Choice for your Dog

Martingale collar is a specially designed collar that allows your pup to be comfortable on a leash. Many dog owners wander how this collar works and if their dog needs one. We are here to answer those questions for you!

This collar has a unique construction – it is made out of two connected loops of material. Larger loop fits loosely around dog’s neck, while the leash is attached to a smaller loop.

When the dog attempts to release it’s head from the collar, the leash pulls on a small loop, making large loop fit tighter around the dog’s neck, which excludes the possibility of your dog escaping from the collar.


With the proper adjustment, in a tightened condition, the collar is snug against the dog’s neck, but it does not cause suffocation.

Interesting fact – martingale collars for dogs got their name from a part of horse harness that is called «martingale.» Martingales for horses have a similar effect, preventing the raising of the horses head of at a dangerously high level during a trip.


Why is martingale collar worth trying out:

  • Martingale dog collar provides control over the pet and is safer to use then the choke style collar. They are recommended by many cynologists around the world for obedience exercises.
  • When leash is not pulled, martingale collar fits comfortably and freely around dog’s neck, thereby reducing the risk of hair curling up and skin irritation, both of which often occur when dog wears a tight collar.
  • When the leash is pulled, martingale collars do not exert pressure directly on the dog’s trachea, but distribute it evenly on the neck.
  • Martingale collars keep shy, aggressive or easily excitable dogs from escaping the collar and running away.


Is martingale collar better than traditional collar?

The problem with traditional collars with a buckle is that they must fit tightly at all times, so that they were not able to slip over dogs ears. Such collars should be tightened rather tight, which is not always comfortable for the dog. At the same time, martingale collars have a relaxed fit, and are tightened only when it is necessary.


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