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Classic Leather Collars for Dogs — Timeless Canine Accessories

When you choose a collar, take into account dog’s size, age, hair, temper and purposes for which you need a collar. Experienced dog owners usually have multiple leather collars for dogs to fit different situations: daily, exhibition, training collars are necessary. The collar should be cleaned frequently. You can’t save on this canine accessory, it is better to buy a more expensive but higher quality dog collar.

Collars for dogs, made of genuine leather, are the most comfortable and reliable collars, as they don’t wear out for a long time. They are also breathable and don’t irritate or scratch dogs skin.

Full grain genuine leather is soft but also durable. Leather collar is a great purchase if you want a long lasting product. You should be able to place two fingers between collar and neck.


How do I Pick a Good Leather Collar?

Collar style is selected in accordance to dog’s size. Handmade leather dog collars from several layers of leather with a strong buckle will fit dogs of medium and large breeds.

Metal ring to which the leash is attached is an important element as well. It must be of good quality and securely attached to the collar. After all, even the quietest dog can get scared or nervous during the walk, especially if it’s young, and take off, pulling on it’s leash. If hardware is weak, in this scenario your dog will probably reap the collar.


Different Needs for Different Breeds

  • For Greyhounds and other dogs, whose neck is wider then head, special style of collar is needed. It’s wider at the front and gets narrower towards the buckle, allowing for a snug fit.
  • Dogs with gentle skin will appreciate extra soft padded collars.
  • Long haired dogs are going to feel most comfortable in rolled collars. However, this style of collar is fitting for dogs of all breeds.


You should invest in high quality collar because your pet’s safety depends on it – if dog loses it’s collar or doesn’t have it at all it can escape or get lost, and finding it will be much more difficult.

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