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History and Purpose of Spiked Collars for Dogs

Most dog owners have several different collars for various occasions: a classic leather or fabric everyday collar, decorative collar for exhibitions and a durable spiked or studded collar for training.


Ancient History of Spiked Collars

Decorated dog collars first appeared in Ancient Egypt, because rich nobleman wanted to accessorize their pets. Of course, the most luxurious collars decorated with precious metals and stones, were worn by dogs of pharaoh – at that time many slaves could be bought for such a canine «accessory».

In Ancient Greece, spiked collars for dogs began to have a more practical use – Greek farmers used dogs to protect their pastures and farms. To prevent the dogs from being injured during regular attacks by wolves who, besides sheep and other livestock, could easily attack and harm a small dog, the Greeks came up with spiked collars that will protect dog’s throat from wolf’s teeth.

Such a useful accessory quickly proved its effectiveness – the number of injuries among dogs decreased significantly.


A Modern Mean of Protection

Nowadays these spiked leather dog collars are still highly popular. They are used to protect pets against aggressive dogs. As dictated by primal instinct, when dogs attack other dogs they usually aim for the throat. They try to strangle the opponent, frighten him and cause maximal injuries.

When the attacking dog will try to bite through a thick leather collar with spikes, it will quickly get discouraged from doing so. These collars are usually made out of full grain sturdy leather, so they are very hard to bite through. Spikes will provide additional protection and they may even harm the aggressive dog, stopping the attack.


Such collars are purchased for medium-sized and large dogs, as they may have an aggressive pugnacious character.

However, one must be very careful not to harm your dog or get injured when putting such a collar on.

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