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Can dogs find their way home?

dog sun

Most people believe that dogs have a unique ability to find a way home even if they are far from it and in an area that they never previously explored. Let us try to find out how much of the stories about the dogs’ ability to navigate at long distances …

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Cat breeds that are ideal neighbors for dogs

cat dog friends

Nobody can guarantee that getting a cat will bring no problems to a family that already owns a dog, because the characters and temperaments of all animals are different. It is important to show your love and care for each pet so that there is no jealousy and conflicts between them. How …

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How to fight excessive barking?

dog bark2

Dog barking can be very irritating, but before one tries to stop the dog from barking it’s necessary to understand what it’s trying to communicate. So, why do some dogs bark more than others? Breeds predisposed to barking Smaller dogs use barking to inform their owners of sounds or motion …

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New member of the pack

two dogs play

When you own a dog you can’t help but wonder what it does when you’re not around. Sometimes when you are at work you probably fill sorry for your pet, you think that it’s lonely. In these moments you may consider getting another dog to accompany it. Is your pup …

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Taking your dog on a family trip

dog suitcase

All dog owners know how hard it is to plan a family vacation when you have a pet. Most resorts, vacation spots, campsites and hotels provide facilities for dog owners that allow comfortable family getaway. If you have children, bringing your pet along on a trip will be a great …

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