Cat breeds that are ideal neighbors for dogs

cat dog friends

Nobody can guarantee that getting a cat will bring no problems to a family that already owns a dog, because the characters and temperaments of all animals are different. It is important to show your love and care for each pet so that there is no jealousy and conflicts between them. How …

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Bathing Your Dog

dog bathing

In this article, we will talk about how to properly bathe dogs. Regular bathing and cleaning helps your pup to live a long, healthy life, but do not forget that excessive bathing washes off the natural oils in dog’s hair and it becomes dry and brittle. It is not recommended …

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How to arrange a place for your puppy?

puppys sleeping

Before you bring a puppy home, you should carefully prepare a permanent place for it. Space for your puppy should be limited, fenced off and everything necessary for the puppy’s life should be inside it. These are the things you need to accommodate a puppy Absorbent baby nappy. It should …

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Home cooked food for your puppy

dog food

For your pet to grow healthy, cheerful and happy, you must carefully monitor its nutrition from the very childhood.  We don’t advise you to feed the puppy from your table. It’s better for you to cook for it separately. After all, in the first few years of life dog develops …

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How to fight excessive barking?

dog bark2

Dog barking can be very irritating, but before one tries to stop the dog from barking it’s necessary to understand what it’s trying to communicate. So, why do some dogs bark more than others? Breeds predisposed to barking Smaller dogs use barking to inform their owners of sounds or motion …

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New member of the pack

two dogs play

When you own a dog you can’t help but wonder what it does when you’re not around. Sometimes when you are at work you probably fill sorry for your pet, you think that it’s lonely. In these moments you may consider getting another dog to accompany it. Is your pup …

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Dog adoption

shelter dog

If you decide on getting a dog you should look into adopting a shelter dog –you will be overwhelmed by the amount of beautiful and loving pups that need a home. Irresponsible people often buy dogs but can’t manage to look after them properly so they let them loose. This …

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