Flea and Tick treatment

dog bites flea

Since prehistoric times dogs and men suffered from this nasty little guys. They are known for transmitting illnesses, causing allergies and making pet owners’ life way to hard. Ticks present a great threat to your pup, especially in the summer time and they can turn a walk in the park …

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A walk a day keeps the vet away

dogs play

Every dog owner knows how happy dogs get when they realize it’s time to go for a walk! Pups with their tail waving and shivering in excitement run up to the front door as soon as you rich for a lead. This guys realize how good walking is for them …

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Is your dog overweight?

chubby pug

Treating our pets feels great and they appreciate it a lot, but if we want them to be healthy, we need to manage their daily portions more accurately. Nowadays obesity is a real problem that can cause long-term health issues for your dog. For example, more than a half of …

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Dog clothes: necessary or excessive?

dog boots

Most people probably think that dogs have their natural coats and those provide enough protection from the elements, but that principle does not always apply. Dogs of some breeds can get very cold or wet and get sick easily. For those dogs clothes are a must! Luckily, pet stores offer …

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Bring your puppy home!

dog problem

An exciting day is finally upon you – you’re bringing your puppy home! A huge shopping trip was already made, healthy food is bought, toys, cozy bed and snacks are waiting. You think you thought of everything, and it might be true, but we made a list of things you …

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Taking your dog on a family trip

dog suitcase

All dog owners know how hard it is to plan a family vacation when you have a pet. Most resorts, vacation spots, campsites and hotels provide facilities for dog owners that allow comfortable family getaway. If you have children, bringing your pet along on a trip will be a great …

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Playtime and dental care

rope toy

Nowadays pet toys provide not only entertainment but also promote well-being – they come in all different shapes and sizes and have various health benefits. Dogs usually have a lot of fun chewing on their toys, and while they’re doing that a toy can do a lot for their dental …

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Caution! Life threatening dog toys

ball dog toy

Even most basic largely produced dog toys can be harmful to your pet if dog is left unattended with it. This covers all types of toys, the ones you can find in the store and those your pet can “find” on the street. When you look to purchase a dog’s …

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Deciding on the proper dog house


Does your dog spend a lot of time outside? If so, you should think about getting it a dog house, it would not only make your pet very happy, but also ensure that during its time outdoors it wouldn’t suffer the risk of overheating or getting cold. When choosing a …

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